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What Is LiveDuel?

LiveDuel is a global provider of e-play solutions for sports teams, media owners, and digital advertisers, with a specific focus on brands who wish to target sports fans. LiveDuel enables sports brands to easily create interactive content which can be embedded on your website, and optimize conversion across all your digital channels. Why chose LiveDuel?

  • Activation of a global fan base to drive merchandise sales.
  • Create interactive assets that enhance your sponsors ROI.
  • Increase % of in-screen impressions.
  • Increase fan engagement and average engagement time.
  • Increase average video playtime
  • Increase the Click-Through-Rate on Digital Ads.

Fan Activation

Feel the Long-Term Impact of Every Engagement

Customizable Mini-Games

Create customizable mini-games in the form of prediction competitions, quizzes, and polls. Use your own imagery or video content to customize games to suit your own fans or target audience.

Enable Direct Marketing

Collect emails from all fans who engage with your interactive mini-games. All fans can be directly targeted via email, or digital advertising campaign, driving fans to your online shop, app store, or whatever platforms enables your brand to optimize conversion.

Fan Attribution

Measure Return on Investment to optimize acquisition spend. Ensure your brand gets the most out of marketing spend.

Easily Embedded Content

All mini-games can easily be embedded into web articles, or digital ad slots. No complex coding required, just a simple copy and paste.

Fan Acquisition and Retention

Interactive content drives to fans to websites, and keeps them coming back. Our mini-games ensure that every engagement results in a fan acquisition, be it email address, mobile number, app install, or product sale. The league element of our mini-games keep fans coming back and interacting with your website..

A/B Testing

Compare customer acquisition, and ROI across all embedded mini-games. Tailor what you create to suit what your fans are interacting the most with.


Achieve virality as users love to share their scores and challenge friends.

Social Impact

Make the most of your social following to drive traffic to your site, and optimize conversion.

Interactive Experience

Turn your static content into interactive content for you users. Brand games natively to increase fan conversions.


Responsive & optimized for mobile devices.

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